Hello & welcome to Long Live the King, a shrine dedicated to his majesty: the “King of the Upper Court” Kageyama Tobio of Haikyuu!! fame. This small space on the web takes a dive into Kageyama's character: how his fears and values drive him as a player, and the people in his life that help transform him from a dictatorial leader to a benevolent king.

If you’re unfamiliar with Haikyuu!!, these sections will introduce you to the series as well as give you a basic rundown on Kageyama's character. This shrine will be loaded with unmarked spoilers in all other sections, so please tread carefully if that is a concern for you!

Haikyuu & the Karasuno Volleyball Club
Volleyball prodigy, milk afficionado

King of the Court.

“He has power, skill, and a desire to win which are far greater than
anyone else’s. Those are Tobio’s strengths, and they become his sole
. You try to solve things on your own far too often, Tobio.”

An obsessive chase for perfection: Kageyama's insecurities and fears.


“I want to be there. I want to hold the ball. I want to play. I want to fight.
I want to be in the match. Give me anxiety on the court. Give me labored breathing.
Let me stand there among it all. I want to stay out here longer. I want to fight alongside
my comrades. I want to toss the ball with my own hands.”

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